Choosing Your Wedding Date!

Tips for choosing the most cost effective date

You’re beginning to come down from the high of being engaged. The next thing you’ll probably start thinking about is your wedding date. There are many factors that should be considered when selecting a date, of course any sentimental dates, any holiday weekends. However, If the potential cost of your wedding is a major factor . Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when selecting a date.


Season -

The most expensive season of the year to get married is certainly the summer, followed by spring & the fall. Everyone wants a beautiful outdoor ceremony if possible. Venues & Catering Halls are aware of this and often charge higher fees during these seasons. If you aren’t particularly attached to an outdoor wedding. I would suggest choosing a date in one of the colder months.

Thursday or Sunday -

This probably goes without saying, but weekend dates (Friday & Saturday) are usually everyone’s go to. It’s most convenient for many of your guests, not to mention also being convenient for you as well. However, an alternative option would be to book your wedding on a either Sunday or Thursday.  Sunday weddings are slightly cheaper than weddings booked on Friday or Saturday. If you were to book your wedding on a Thursday, your venue and catering would be significantly cheaper.  Thursday weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you let your guest know ahead of time, they should be able to request the days off of work. In addition, if they are flying in from out of town, airfare and hotel stays would also be cheaper. All of which result in all around savings for everyone!

 Brunch/Afternoon -

Another option is to also ask your venue if they offer the option of having an early afternoon/brunch wedding. Many venues offer this option for weekends. Your ceremony will start around 11 am and, reception by 1 pm, everything will be wrapped up by 5:00 PM, and most importantly you'll save a load.

Avoid Holidays -

A good way to keep the cost down is to avoid holidays all together. Booking any venue on a holiday or holiday weekend, especially Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas or New Years will certainly come with a higher price tag. Not to mention higher rates for airfare and accommodations for your guests.

Vennissa Scarlett